"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will."

Sir Richard Branson, quoting Suzy Kassem

"The number one thing that stops people from having the quality of life they want and deserve is fear."

Tony Robbins

Finally, a presentation that got me to think hard! This one was very worthwhile. Provocative!


Plattsburgh, NY

I have listened to David Stone talk and I have never forgotten it.  He is a tremendous source of information.


Raleigh, NC

You were very well received and hit a home run on many important issues.


Los Angeles, CA

This is one of the more valuable training sessions I have experienced. Thank you!


Winstone Salem, NC

This was life-changing.


Richmond, VA

Thank you for all your emails over the years with inspiring and intriguing stories and messages that have challenged us to think differently, do better, and be more efficient and effective.


Orlando, FL

Your presentation was so compelling that I left that workshop weekend knowing that you forever changed my attitude, approach and behavior.


Columbus, OH

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